I felt like a black man

I’m at that stage in my life where I’m transitioning from being a student into a young professional . So I have been applying for jobs, particularly graduate programmes since I feel it is a good platform for me to start. Got called up for my first interview and this whole experience got me feeling like a black man in South Africa.

LondzInterview(My attire for the interview: Photo Cred:[Mzwanele][House-mate Photographer]

Yes, I know I’m black but it’s not something I remind myself of everyday or take notice of . I grew up in a well off family . Never needed much growing up. I went to a private school and got to varsity without having to worry about things like finances . What I’m trying to say is that even though I’m not from a rich family I’ve nver felt the struggle of the so called “post apartheid disadvantages” which “affect” black men and women . For me it’s like I barely take notice of my skin colour in day to day life and top of that as my friends would testify, I’m forever speaking in english.

Three scenarios got me feeling like a typical black man in South Africa. The first two are as follows. Having to take a taxi to my interview . Ofcourse this was not my frist time taking a taxi but the whole experience felt different. I realised, actually this is me working my way up. I dd’nt get the privellege of my parent buying me a car when I turned eighteen, got my matric or when I graduated with my first degree. Sat next to an elderly woman in the taxi, she looked at me with proud eyes and she bombarded me with questions till I got off, lastly wishing me luck like I was her son. It’s a wonderful feeling when your elders are proud of you and I got that vibe with everyone else in the taxi, including mageza himself (taxi driver). To them I represented a young black man who is taking his opportunity in this democratic country. Well it felt good, has to be my most enjoyable taxi ride. This is the second experience, got me feeling all black.

20150818_152808(scenes from where I got off (Rosebank Gautrain Station [Photo Cred: Londi])

Thirdly is telling my mom I’m going for an interview. As a black man, top of the bucket list is making your mom proud hey. For me it meant even much more since I was raised and still being raised by a single parent. Well this represents most black families does’nt it ? I don’t want to get carried away into this topic but I’m sure you get the picture. Having my mom telling me she is proud of me and praying for me, this takes the cake for me and no this is not a black thing “laughs out loud”.

Let me not forget my friends. These guys really pushing for me to succeed. They really inspire me and also want to make them proud . Might be going off topic now but it’s worth a mention when the whole squad is aiming to achieve success and doing it together. Lastly but defintely not the least, really enjoyed telling my girlfriend about the interview. I think there is some qoute about a woman on your side or something “laughs out loud”.

For now it’s back to using a gig of data bundles in three days and eating english breakfast and not black breakfast “laughs out loud”. This was a wonderful experience and don’t think it well happen with other interviews or would it ? Maybe feel indian this time around “laughs out loud”. Nyamaste .

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