My 2016

Been a minute since I posted something, actually did’nt post the whole of 2016 so let me try and cap my year in one post. Sort of helps me reminiscence where I come from and where I’m going. Will include some pics in this post just to visualise some cool moments.


Jozi where I have been staying


Neighbour goods market (One of cool places to hang around)

What I have been up to

I am guessing the biggest question you got for me is “Londz what have you been up to all year long ? “. Well, in a nutshell I had a gap year. Yep. This was not planned nor by choice but anyways chose to go along with it. The plan was to immediately go work after completing my studies but God had other plans for me.






(A year of graduations for me, mom and my mates, I finished my honours in Applied Maths baby !)

Gap Year

You might be asking “what happened, where you looking for a job or you chose not ?”. Initially I was looking for a job but as time went by I stringed along with the idea of a gap year and then started looking for a job for the year 2017. This is where I felt it is what God wanted for me. He allowed the doors for me to be closed. The main reasons I think God wanted me to have a gap year are firstly he wanted me to rest, secondly He is the one who directs my paths and lastly He wanted to work on me as a son.





(Cool Mates I hang with, real legends these)

Resting in 2016

I really needed the rest and God knows me so well to give me that. Firstly after an intense five years of studying which concluded by a life draining postgrad burnt me out. My brain was roasted hey, this Mathematical Science degree thing will have you crapping bricks haha (this is the saying we had with my mates). If that is not enough, in a period of 3 months I lost my aunt who raised me and a brother of mine who took a father role in my life. You all know about death, not nice. Well that’s it. If I was writing this collectively with my mates they would say you forgot to mention you break up with your girl, oh well dating is not the last wonder of the world haha.


Favourite Book I read 2016



( Type of weekends ruined my body hey)

God directing my path

So how has God been directing my path, the fun part. Most people don’t get this but God wants us to have fun and to enjoy this life thing. This is what this year was for me, FUN ! Can’t relate to most people complaining about 2016. Obviously the thing you get with having a gap year is time and lots of it. I used my time to have fun honestly. You might be thinking I mean drinking , going out and travelling. Yes that’s true but also having time to impact other people’s lives, take on challenges and responsibilities , that is fun for me. Now I can sort feel this is a long post, but to be honest I’m writing it for myself if you decide to stop reading hahaha.





(Awesome people make this life thing quite nice hey)

My Time

If you don’t know, I’m a sports fanatic and find chilling on my couch watching sports, drinking beer and eating junk food very fun and got to do that a lot. I had time for people, always hanging out with friends, meeting new people and not worrying I have to go home and finish an assignment or prepare for work. I think my favourite has been being able to just leave town or the province without worrying about anything. One of the things would have loved to do was play soccer but could’nt find a team, flip ! I love reading, so got to read like 15+ books. My favourite has to be being able to read my bible , pray and meditate and enjoy being in the prescence of the Lord, you don’t get this if life is always rushing you. The challenges and responsibilities I mentioned earlier is that I got to help out at church (Godfirst Braam, great church). Helping out with social justice, street envangelism and being hands on with serving , life group and discipleship. Fun stuff I tell you. Of course life is not a fairytale, there were some challenges.





(Jump shots are the future)

Main Thing

Yes I’m taking a gap year but bottom line is I’m unemployed. You don’t have to know how I made ends meet, but I promise you it was not anything illegal haha. I really got to see God’s provision. Really learnt God won’t take you to a place where He won’t sustain you. This is where I got one of my biggest lessons of the year “God is more concerned in making you more of a son than improving your situation” . Also seeing my peers making it in the corporate world and a few also getting married got me asking “God is this you leading me ? “. But hey God isn’t obligated to treat us in exactly the same way he treats anyone else or is he required to treat us today exactly as He did yesterday. Because God is God and we are not, he has the absolute right to do what He pleases. If you think about that fact, it renders all comparisons useless and counterproductive (lots of learning hey).





(Nothing like travelling and seeing good scenary to get you in touch with life nature)

What Next ?

So what next for me in 2017 ? Somewhere I read about a missionary who returned home after a lifetime difficult spent serving Christ in a faraway land. He was old and worn down from many years of toil. When someone asked if he regretted how he had spent His life, He said, “oh no. I settled that long ago.” Then he told his story. As a young man, he had struggled mightily with surrendering his life to God. He told God he would serve him but only if certain conditions were met. But that gave him no peace of heart. Finally after many days spent wrestling with the Lord, he came to a place of full surrender and pulled out a sheet of paper, he signed at the bottom and said, “Lord, you fill in the details.” Everything else in his life flowed from that commitment.





I have learnt that I won’t be happy if I tried to bargain with God. God does not make deals and I’ve learnt I will be much at peace by just signing at the bottom and saying “Lord, you fill in the details.” So what’s next for mr londz ? My main aim at the moment is to explore areas of my gifts, skills and personality. I don’t have a clue as to how these develop, but I want to be open where God leads me. Hoping for a good year and wish you a good one. Just let God fill in the details.


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