The end goal


Waiting has to be up there with one of the toughest things I had and have to do. Waiting is hard, it’s easy to despair and it’s easy to lose equilibrium. The times where I doubt God is when I am waiting on Him. It’s said alot that God’s timing is always perfect but it does feel He is slow at times, yet same time I do believe He is never late and never delays to hurt us though it may feel that way.


Have you ever noticed how when you are praying for something really big the answer seems to take forever to come ? When I am really concerned about something it seems like I have to wait and wait and wait. Finally I give up, few days later after I have slid into agnosticism and despair and I’m saying to myself “Where is God ?”. He cannot hear me ! Then suddenly the answer comes.


Why does it happen like that ? There are many answers, I suppose , but the chief amongst them is this: God will not share His glory with anyone , sometimes He delays His answers so that we cannot later say “Well it was my faith that made the difference”. He answers in His own time and in His own way so that we end up saying “to God alone be the glory”!


Amongst other lessons I learn during waiting is that who you become whilst waiting is as important as what you are waiting for. I think there’s a misconception that if you go through a struggle such as waiting, relationship hardship, financial struggle or any sort , that in the end the reward of such trials is of significance or of great benefits. In my life I’ve been disappointed a couple of times with this 😂. Funny when I look back. I’ve had to wait for a job and thought to myself since I had to wait for so long, the job will be my dream job , guess what , quite the opposite. I’ve gone through the most in a relationship to think that my next one would be the great love story , guess what again…… I can go on.


I’ve settled it in my heart that when the appointed time has come and the fierce heat of trials has dissipated , the real end goal is that the gold of tested character has come forth in my life. (Job23:10 He knows the way that I take, when He has tested me, I will come forth as gold). Don’t get me wrong, I love happy endings 😁, but just feel in this life thing , the experiences God allows I go through is to change my heart more than circumstances. Sometimes God teaches us to walk by faith by graciously forcing us to do it. And this hard way leads to life, life more abundant than we have yet imagined.


God knows what I need. I don’t. He sees the future. I cannot. His perspective is eternal. Mine is not. Though I have plans , deadline dates and dreams as any young person, I take comfort in knowing that God writes a better story for me than I would for myself. Nothing can happen to me that God has not planned for His glory and my ultimate benefit.



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  1. “who you become whilst waiting is as important as what you are waiting for”. This is a lesson not to be missed. And realizing this changes how you view the journey

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