As I make good on my commitment to follow God I will see the significance of the timing and position of circumstances and transition. God has not moved me for nothing. He did not bring me away from the land of my childhood only to waste my time or have me incur expense. Though I did not see it in the moment, He has always seen, and planned, the significance of the journey set before me. Just as this has been true for my past, so also it is true now.

I will see why He has relocated and redirected me. I will see the painful questions begin to be answered. I hear, but I will also understand, the truth that will bring closure, perspective, and appreciation. While the answers might be slow in their development, I will begin to understand nothing has been wasted, nothing happened for no reason, but all has been set into motion according to His hand, Hus plan, and His timing for my life. I will see not only the significance, but also the loving detail and overwhelming majesty of His plans for me in this present season of my life, as I am faithful to allow Him to direct my steps.

While these choices may not be the choices I would have made for myself, I know what God has for me will more than delight me and will more than satisfy me. What He has for me is no small gesture, no inadequate shell or hollow facade. What He has intended for me is greater than I can measure, greater than I have anticipated. I will see why He has moved me, not only according to the direction and implementation of following His will for my life, but also for the timing, delivery, and development of it all.

In this way and in this day I trust in His spirit through these days of transition. I trust in Him when I cannot make sense of it all, for His spirit will surely encourage me, empower me, and inspire me. He will be all I will need, not only for tomorrow, in the full manifestation of the completion of my journey and call upon my life, but also today in my strength and capacity to initiate and to persevere.

Proverbs 16v9.

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